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The beatiful game of glorious goals, tremendous tactics and spectacular showboats!

Proffesional soccer is made up of two teams of 16 players. Eleven active players and 5 substitutes. Some people play 5-a-side or 7-a-side.

Professional soccer games have two halves of 45 minutes. To start each halve, two players from one team must "kick-off" to start the game. Kick-offs happen at the center. The basic aim is to score more goals than your opposing team. To do this, you must take the ball to your opponents half and strike the ball into the back of the net. However it won't be that easy. The opponents defence will be doing everything they can to stop you and claim possesion and try to score. If one team scores, the other team must kick-off.

Free Kicks
Free kicks happen when the opposing team commits a foul. This could be:

·Brutal tackling

Free kicks are always taken towards the opponents goal.

A penalty is a special type of free kick. Penalties occur when your opponent tackles you inside his own box. There is a penalty spot inside the box where the penalties are taken from. Penalties are good oppourtunities to score.

Yellow/Red Cards
A yellow card occours when one player makes a brutal tackle towards another player. The referee shows the yellow card and that player is "booked". If the referee decides the tackle was too brutal, he will show the red card and that player is sent off. If a booked player commits another yellow card offence, that player gets an automatic red card.

Offside Ruling
If a player passes the ball to another player but there are no players in defence in front of that player, the player is ruled "offside" (free kick awarded).

Substitutions can be made at any time. Basically, one player in play is swapped with one of the five substitutes.

Bye Kicks
A bye kick is awarded when a player takes a shot at the goal, but the ball goes wide or over the crossbar. A bye kick allowes the goalkeeper to kick the ball upfield.

A corner is awarded to the other team when someone kicks the ball past their own goal. Corners give players an oppourtunity to get a good position and score.

If the game is drawn, three things can happen.

·The game ends as a draw
·Players play for the golden goal
·Players go to penalty shootouts

Golden goal
In golden goal, there are 2 periods of 15 minutes. Whichever team scoars a goal, wins the game. If no team can score, the game will go to penalty shootouts.

Penalty shootouts
In penalty shootouts, teams have five shots to score more penalties than their opponent. If it is a draw, the game will go to sudden death penalties.

Flags: Short (1-3 hours), With a Group, Children, Teens, Adults, Outdoors, Day, Night, Sunny, Rainy
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