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Girl Scouts

An organization for girls to learn and have fun.

Thousands of girls of all ages enjoy girl scouts. From troop leaders to Daisy Scouts, everyone participates. There are different names for different age brackets. Daisy Scouts are 5-6, Brownies are 6-8, Juniors are 8-11, Cadettes are 11-14, and Seniors are 14-17.

Scouts meet with their troops, mainly at the the troop leader's home, peridocally to discuss and enjoy activites. These activities could involve fullfilling the requirements to earn patches, or selling cookies. The patches are sewed onto a badge or vest to be displayed. Girls with more patches are more experienced scouts.

Girl Scouts in a fun activity that can leave a lasting mark on girls everywhere, teaching them good quailites that can be useful for their whole lives. Scouting keeps girls on the right track. They learn new skills, meet new people, and try new things. And you won't be bored!

Source: Wikipedia

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