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Dodge the ball in this fast paced game!

Dodgeball is a very popular game played with a large group. The court is split into two sides and people split into two teams. You throw the ball at each other and try to avoid getting hit, but try to hit others.

The rules are:

Mandatory Rules:

- If you get hit, you sit down (With the exception of another person catching the ball before it hit the floor)
- If the ball you threw gets caught before htting the floor, you sit down
- If you pass the center line, you must sit down
- The team that has no player left first, loses

Optional rules

- No hitting above the neck or waist (Usually for younger children who could get hurt)
- No whipping the ball

You could also play a variation of the game, such as prisonball or medicball, outlined below:


When the normal rules tell you to sit down, you go to the prison, which is behind and at the sides of the opponents side. If you get the ball, you can throw it, if you hit someone, you return to your side and they go to prison. The prisoners may not go into their team's territory, the other prison or they opponent's territory. The player may not go into the prisons.


Before the game, you select a medic and tell it to a referee or neutral party. If you get hit, you sit down, you cannot catch or throw the ball (You are allowed to catch it if its being thrown at you, but the opponent does not get out). If the medic touches you, you may stand up and resume playing. Once the medic is out no more players may be revived, and a new medic is not selected until the next game. (You do not lose, however, until all team members are out.)

Flags: Very Short (0-60 mins), Short (1-3 hours), With a Group, Children, Teens, Adults, Indoors, Outdoors, Morning, Day, Night, Sunny
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