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Crazy Eights

A classic game of cards!

Crazy eights is a great game for all ages, easy to understand, but fun to play! Its quick to learn so its a great game to play when you have one or two friends over. The idea of the game is to get every card out of your hand first.

The game is preferably played with 2-3 people, four and five leave for a very small deck.

Set up:

Deal everyone 8 cards. Place the card deck on the table and flip the top card over, face up, for everyone to see.


The person to the right of the dealer always goes first. The person places card cards with either the same suit (hearts, spades, etc.) or value (aces, twos, etc.) of the face up card the dealer placed. If the first card is an eight, the first player chooses the first suit. If the first card is a two, the first player picks up two cards from the deck. If it is a four, the first player misses their turn. And finally, if its the queen of spades, they pick up five cards. If they have nothing to play (or don't want to play what they do have), they pick up a card (If they still have nothing to play, their turn is missed). If they play an eight, they may choose the suit. Eights can be played on any card, regardles of suit or value.

Then they continue to the next player, the cards still do the same (Twos, fours, the queen of spades and eights). Abilities can be stacked, say the first card was a two, and the first player played another two on top, you recieve four cards. Twos can also be stacked with the queen of spades. If someone plays two fours, the next to player miss their turn.

The turns continue like this until one player has no cards left. (If you only have one card remaining, you must saylast card before your last turn, or you must pick up two cards. You don't need to say last cards if you play two cards at once (say theres an ace of the field, you may play two aces on top of it during one turn).

If the deck ever runs out of cards, remove the top card of the current pile, shuffle the pile and continue using that as the deck. (If any cards have been used in a stacking effects, such as two twos, keep both of them there in case future reference is needed).

Optional Rules:

Jacks may have the same ability as the fours.
If you have nothing to play, you must pick up until you do (Or until your willing to play something you do have to stop the huge flow of cards).

Variation- Crazy eight countdown:

The same basic game, except once you finish with you eight cards, you draw seven, once done with those, six, etc. As you go down, the amount of cards in your hand (At the last time you drew a hand) is the number which replaces eight. Aces represent one).

Flags: Very Short (0-60 mins), With a Friend, Children, Teens, Adults, Seniors, Indoors, Outdoors, At Home, Morning, Day, Night, Sunny, Snowy, Rainy
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