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Go on a Cruise Vacation

A cruise vacation is normally taken aboard a boat and is one of the most popular forms of travel today.

Taking a cruise is a great way to travel. Cruising offers one of the most complete travel packages available. Cruise ships also offer those traveling nearly all their vacation needs on one ship and usually for one price for the entire trip. (There are other optional expenses on each cruise as well such as shore excursions and special services.) Cruise ships visit most parts of the world with voyages anywhere from a few hours to a few months at sea.

Today's cruise ships are floating resorts striving to meet every possible need of their guests. Food is available to guests 24 hours a day and is offered from a variety of sources such as room service, elegant dining rooms, casual bistros, buffets, and more. Entertainment is offered throughout each day and in a variety of forms such as Broadway-type shows, shore excursions, planned activities, and more. Guest staterooms are well-appointed and can be anything from a simple room to most elegant of suites. Each ship has its own medical staff with a fairly well stocked small hospital and pharmacy.

A guest's time aboard a cruise ship is never dull. There is a very large number of choices offered to guests daily. Ships offer sporting areas such as swimming pools, rock-climbing walls, shuffle board areas, fitness gyms, and more. For those guests that enjoy shopping, there are gift shops, art auctions, a shopping channel on the ship TVs, and various shopping opportunities at each port-of-call. For the more pampered guest, spa and personal guest services are available for a fee. Each dining option usually includes entertainment most everyone.

Cruise vacations are also great learning experiences. Normally, the staff on a cruise ship is comprised of people from all over the world. The food served in the dining rooms are of a great variety and an opportunity to try new and exciting dishes. Each port-of-call offers shore excursions that cover a very wide variety of experiences. Most cruises include stops in a variety of countries with each offer the chance to experience a different culture.

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