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Birthday Calendar

Birthday Calendar

A birthday calendar is a fun way to remember the birthdays of all your near and dear ones. Here's how you go about it-

- Take a standard drawing book A/4 size, or bigger if you have lots of people to add in your calendar.
- Buy the kind that are spiral bound so that you can hang them like a calendar on the wall and easily turn the pages for each month of the year.
- Use one page of your drawing book per month, or two pages dividing them into fortnights if you have that many entries.
- Paint a nice background for each month of the year. I have a calendar that has different backgrounds for each month depending on the occassion, like a washout of a christmas tree for December, easter eggs in April and so on.
- Once the backgrounds dry out, use sketch pens to write each month of the year. Then write in the date and the name of the person. To make it look funkier, you could write them at random positions on the paper.
- Now all you have to do is have a nail on the wall and hang the spiral on it. Every month or fortnight, simply turn over the page and you have a lifetime birthday calendar that also adds colour to your room!

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