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Features burners at each table with melted cheese in pots for dipping.

Fondue dining offers diners a real change from the normal dining out experience. Fondue dining usually requires several hours to fully enjoy the experience. Dinner is offered at a leisurely and relaxing pace for the most relaxing meal. Normally, each table has a burner built into it, and you eat your food from a fondue pot at your table. Diners enjoy much of the cooking themselves at their own tables.

As with other communal dishes, fondue has etiquette standards ranging from practical to amusing. Some people consider it rude to allow one's lips or tongue to touch the fondue fork, and with meat fondues one should use a dinner fork to remove the meat from the dipping utensil.

Cheese fondue is customarily served as an appetizer. The server mixes your fondue at your table. Several kinds are usually included for diners to choose from and enjoy. Different types of bread, veggies, and fruits are offered for dipping into the cheese.

The majority of fondue restaraunts offer a main-course fondue dining called Fondue Bourguignonne (deep-fat fondue). In Fondue Bourguignonne, small cubes of meat (normally chicken or beef) and sometimes vegetables or seafood are skewered on the fondue fork and fried by each person at the table. An assortment of sauces are provided for dipping. Some fondue restaurant chains also provide flavored batters to coat the food with before frying, but it is not traditional.

Diners are given instructions before actually enjoying the main course. Servers teach diners the correct and safe way to cook their foods. It is highly recommended that each person pays close attention to instructions given by your server.

Each diner then prepares their own food to their individual tastes. It is fun to experiment with different available batters and sauces. Many diners choose to fry their meats without the batters as is tradition. Sampling creations made by your tablemates can add to the fun of the dining experience.

Dinner usually ends with dessert fondue. Dessert is usually one of the most anticipated parts of the meal. Dessert fondue typically feature a pot of melted chocolate into which pieces of fruit or pastries are dipped. A selection of treats are offered for dipping with some of the favorites including strawberries, cake, bananas, apples, marshmallows, cherries, and more.

Source: Wikipedia

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