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RC cars

Remote controlled cars

RC cars are great fun for groups or solo! There are so many ways you can do things with RC cars.

RC cars are great for setting up tracks with cones or tape with friends and race with your cars. If you only have one car you can use a timer and see who can get the best time around a track.

RC cars are fun if you have one fast enough to make ramps and jump your cars of of them onto landing pads or over ledges

Its a lot of fun to get a friend and tweak your car by adding things onto the fronts of them so that you can try to flip your opponents car first so that it cant keep going.
HINT: you need a car that you aren't afraid of damaging for this

Obstacle Courses
Its great to make obstacle courses with tracks, jumps, roadblocks, and other things that you have to maneuver around. You can do this by yourself or see who can get through the course first!

Source: Wikipedia

Flags: Very Short (0-60 mins), Short (1-3 hours), Very Long (1+ days), Solo, With a Friend, With a Group, Children, Teens, Adults, Outdoors, At Home, Morning, Day, Sunny
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