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Making rugs by hand or machine.

Rug-making is an ancient craft, and covers a variety of techniques. Rugs can be made by hand or with the aid of a machine. Hand-made rugs can add a special touch of warmth to any room or office. The craft of rugs can be done for many reasons from the decorative use to the utilitarian use.


Braided rugs are made by sewing many little strips of cloth together into longer strips. The long strips are then braided together, sewn at the ends, coiled around in a circular or oval pattern, and sewn together at the edges to hold it in its circular pattern.


Traditional rug hooking is a craft where rugs are made by pulling loops of yarn or fabric through a stiff woven base such as burlap, linen, rug warp or monks cloth. The loops are pulled through the backing material by using a crochet-type hook mounted in a handle (usually wood) for leverage.

Rag Rugs
Rag rugs were commonly made in households up to the middle of the 20th century by using odd scraps of fabric on a background of old sacking. Normally rag rugs are very colorful and are found in many shapes and styles. These rugs are crafted in many different ways which include knotted, knitted, crotched, sewn, and more.

Although using fabric is the most common material used to make this type of rug, some other potential materials which include plastic bread wrappers, plastic garbage bags, plastic shopping sacks, rope, and more. The use of these materials is usually by individuals in the interest of recycling and the desire for a more waterproof rug.


Using either yarn or strips of cloth, you work with the punch tool from the back side of the pattern. The Monk's cloth backing is tightly stretched on to a frame. Every time you punch the needle down through the backing, it makes a long thread on the right side of the rug. Then, as you lift the needle, it automatically makes it into a loop. These loops pack together to create a rug so solid that chewing dogs and clawing cats are its only enemy. As long as you use the tool correctly, it will automatically make all the loops the same length.

Sometimes referred to as "speed hooking", this method of rug hooking is loved for its ease and speed. One student described of as "instant gratification with wool."


Proddy rugs are made, as the name implies, by prodding or poking strips of fabric through burlap or linen from the back side. Rag rugs made this way have many names: clippies, proddies, stobbies, pricked, and in Scotland, they are called clootie mats. They were often made for more utilitarian use such as by the backdoor since their pile hides dirt well.

Woven rugs include both flat rugs (for example kilims) and pile rugs.

There are many more types of hand-made rugs found throughout the world. The types and styles of rugs found in any given area is often due to materials available in that region or country.

Source: Wikipedia

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