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Players twist there bodies to reach colored dots on the floor game sheet

Twister is a game of physical skill and balance produced by Hasbro Games. Players usually have a fun time and end up in a laughing heap on the floor. The game does require flexibility and a good sense of balance to win. Twister has become a favorite among games and a party game favorite among young people.

The game includes a plastic sheet covered with large colored circles, which is spread out on the floor. Any number of people can play, though more than four is a tight fit.

Game Play
The game has one spinner, divided into fourths by color; each quadrant specifies left foot, right foot, left hand, or right hand. After spinning, the combination is called; players must then move the part to a matching location. No two people can have a part on the same circle (rules are different for more people). Due to the scarcity of colored circles, players will often be required to put themselves in unlikely or precarious positions, eventually resulting in someone's fall.

The high-paced and frivolous nature of the game, the close proximity it causes the participants to be to each other, and the ease with which the frequent losses can be given forfeits make it highly popular at high school and college parties. Players often come up with their own variations. Due to the nature of the game, it is an excellent ice-breaker at parties.

When Milton Bradley hesitantly released the game in 1966 (invented by Neil W. Rabens and Charles F. Foley), the company had no small amount of skepticism for its potential. They readily expected much public criticism. Detractors denounced the game and misconstrued its purpose and respectability. These fears were dispelled when Johnny Carson featured the game on the May 3 1966 episode of "The Tonight Show". The audience reaction was perfect; hysterical laughter and screams of delight. In its first year, Milton Bradley sold more than three million copies of Twister.

Twister's original name was "Pretzel."

The game was featured in the several films since its introduction.

Source: Wikipedia

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