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Staring Contest

Players attempt to outstare each other.

A staring contest is a competitive game in which two people stare into each other's eyes and attempt to maintain eye contact for a longer period of time than their opponent. The game ends when one participant intentionally or unintentionally looks away and breaks eye contact.

A popular variation of the game exists in which the participants not only attempts to maintain eye contact, but also must resist the urge to blink; creating a physical challenge as well as a psychological one. Most other variations revolve chiefly around either of these two core objectives, with some prohibiting virtually any action but staring (laughing, winking, nodding, talking, touching, bobbing, etc), and others allowing the aggressive use of these same actions to force an opponent into defeat.

Animals and staring contests

Another popular way to play the game is to compete against household pets or other animals. Animals are generally much more formidable opponents than humans, in either variation of the game. Many animals have multiple, transparent eyelids that allow them to go longer without visibly blinking. Humans also have complex social and cultural meanings associated with eye contact which can weaken a person's ability to stare into someone's or something's eyes for long periods of time. Animals, on the other hand, often perceive a stare simply as a threat or challenge to dominance, strengthening their resolve to maintain eye contact. Cats in particular will engage humans in staring contests, and often win, with frequency and ease.

Although they are less inclined than mammals to participate in such a contest, a fish would be impossible to defeat in a first-to-blinking staring contest as they do not have eyelids.

Source: Wikipedia

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