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A creative way to make inanimate things come to life!

Puppetry refers to the art of manipulating and moving inanimate objects to infuse them with life and give them a realistic appearance. Puppets are usually suspended on strings, and these strings are used by the puppeteer to move the arms, legs and other parts of the puppet to make it look as if the puppet is alive.

Thus, a puppeteer who manipulates an inanimate object—a puppet—to create the illusion of life. A puppeteer can operate a puppet either by the use of strings, rods, wires or simply their own hands. Some puppet styles require puppeteers to work in teams to create a single character.

Sergey Obraztsov, frequently cited as the father of artistic puppetry, was skilled in finger puppeteering and showing puppeteering with his bare hands. His famous number was a dancing couple whose complicated tango movements had to be manipulated by seven puppeteers simultaneously.

Two of the most famous modern puppeteers are Jim Henson and Frank Oz. Their work has entertained children for decades on the popular "Sesame Street", and "The Muppet Show" television series. (The puppets used by these puppeteers are usually called Muppets).

Henson and Oz also frequently worked in film, including directing and puppeteer work in the 1982 film "The Dark Crystal" and the 1986 film "Labyrinth". Oz is also well known for his work with the puppet of Yoda in the popular Star Wars movie series and as a director of movies such as the musical "Little Shop of Horrors".

Another puppeteer is Gerry Anderson who used a puppet system called Supermarionation to a number of successful science fiction television shows like Thunderbirds.

A recent notable trend in puppetry has been seen in churches throughout the world. This Christian puppetry uses puppets of all kinds to capture the imaginations of children while teaching.

Source: Wikipedia

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