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Cooking can be an art if done seriously and with dedication. For most of us, with the fast-paced lifestyle, cooking usually involves grabbing something from the refrigerator and dumping it in the oven or microwave to get ready-to-eat meals. Or simply order in your favourite meal and serve it!

But if you really want to enjoy food and gain all the benefits of eating right, then the above does not come even close to describing cooking!

With so many culinary styles available, a person interested in cooking can not only provide a healthy and fresh alternative to their family, but also experiment, recreate and come up with innovative and great ways to serve even the most mundane food.

Some of the notable cuisines that have gained worldwide recognition are -

* Mexican - for its hot and tangy flavours, and the varieties of chillies used.
* Italian - for pasta and pizza! Italian food is exotic and bordering on romantic almost, as most of the food tastes best when consumed with some wine.
* French - for exotic gourmet food.
* Chinese - Chinese food is also accepted worldwide for its wonderful varieties of noodles and rice items, be it Schezuan style or Manchurian style or any other.
* Indian - for hot curries, barbecued, succulent bits of meat called "tandoori" cuisine, and a vast variety of food that varies almost from state to state.

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