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Vegetable Painting

Use vegetables as stamps

Vegetable painting is a creative way to make an abstract painting. It refers to using uniquely shaped vegetables as dies to dip into paint and "stamp" in random patterns all over the paper.

Some vegetables which naturally unique shapes when cut are-

1. Lady finger - cut off half the lady finger and dip and stamp! You will get a star-like design on the paper!
2. Capsicum/Bell Peppers - do the same like ladyfingers, only this time you will get flower shaped designs!
3. Potato - cut as you want for different oval shapes
4. Carrots - for round shapes
5. Diced veggies - For a square shape

Dip into a mix of colours, so you have a nice wall hanging at the end of it in varied vegetable shapes.

If you want to make things a little more complicated, you could cut potatoes in half, and carve in shapes, and use them like stamps!

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