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Setting up one or multiple aquariums and collecting different types of fish.

Buy a tank (size depends on the amount of room you have and the number and type of fish you want). Gravel for the bottom you don't want to much because it's hard to clean but you want to cover the entire bottom of the tank.

Fill the tank with water. Buy a thermometer and room temperature is usually about 70 degrees which is fine for gold fish but if you want tropical fish you must get a heater and bump it up to 75-80 depending on the fish. Get a care sheet and see what temperature is ideal for them.

Then buy water conditioner which gets rid of all the harmful chemicals in your tap water and add as much as the bottle tells you for the amount of gallons you have.

This is where it starts getting fun, start buying decore for your tank, this part is up to your own personal taste but make sure you save room for the fish don't over crowd the bottom.

Now go get your new friends. Be very cautious about what types of fish you put together. It is a myth that male bettas have to be all by themselves, but if fact they just can't be with another male betta or goldfish. Barb and chichlids are very aggressive, only keep barbs with barbs and only keep chichlids with chichlids.

Now kick back and enjoy,

But your job is not over keep them healthy. Feed them at least once a day twice at the most you don't want to overfeed them. Check them for illnesses, any white or red spots indicate infection and need to be treated. Change their water on an as needed basis, you don't want to change it too much or it stresses them. If you have 10 gallons or more only do a partial change about 25% or so, if its smaller go ahead and change all at once. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT change with water that is more than a few degrees different that what they are in now. Take them out and wait til the water increases with the heater if you have to but a major temperature change will quickly kill your fish.

Sounds like a lot of work and yes it is but if you love fish it is worth every minute they are real fun to watch.

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