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Truth or Dare

A sleepover staple

While mostly associated with girls' slumber parties, a young group of either gender may have fun with a game. It is important, though, to not allow a game to get too far out of hand. A player should never be forced to do something extremely dangerous or humilitaing by peer pressure. Small risks and embarassment, however, are part of the game.

When asking a truth or dare, you simply ask, "Truth or dare?" If the person responds with "Dare" you make up a dare that of course is safe. The player then has to do what the dare was.
If the person responded with truth, you just ask a true or false question about something, like a crush on someone or if they still sleep with a stuffed animal.

In a game of truth and dare you can have "skips" which allows you to skip a truth or dare. The amount varies.

Flags: Very Short (0-60 mins), Short (1-3 hours), With a Group, Children, Teens, Indoors, At Home, Night, Sunny, Snowy, Rainy
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