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Block Printing

Turn your fabrics into works of art with this simple craft

Block printing refers to creating a symmetric grid of a particular pattern repeatedly on a fabric. It is also a commercial industry by itself, but you could try some simple block printing at home as well. Let's say have purchased plain matching coloured fabric for your curtains and your bedspread, and you would like to colour it up a bit. You would need-

1. Fabric paint
2. A block of wood, on which the pattern you want to repeat is carved. If you want other people helping, make a couple more blocks, but make sure all of them are same. Or you could make one small pattern, another big pattern and alternate them to create multiple patterns on the fabric. It's upto you!
3. Place the fabric flat on a worktable and pin it down using clamps. Make sure there are no creases in the fabric, else the pattern will not be transferred properly onto the fabric.
4. Dip the block into the paint. Make sure the paint is not too much or it may spread the design.
5. Firmly "stamp" the block onto the fabric at the position you need the design. Continue stamping to create the desired pattern.
6. What you now have is a personalised block-printed bedspread and curtain!

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