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Alum Crystals

Small, faceted, fragile, clear crystals

This activity will make you small, faceted, fragile, clear crystals.

1 (one) glass container
Heat source
Parent (if child is not allowed to use a stove)

1) Boil some water, preferably more than 1 cup.
2) Pour it into the glass container, and then stir in some alum.
3) Keep adding more and more alum until it does not disolve anymore.
4) Leave it in a sunny spot for about 3 days, with no cover on.
5) Come back to it, and take out the biggest crytals you see. You can keep the other crystals if you wish.
6) Wash out the glass container with warm water, and then repeat steps 1-3.
7) Tie the crystal you removed from the previous solution to some string, and tie the string to a pencil.
8) Put the pencil on the lip of the container in such a way that the crystal does not touch the bottom.
9) Leave it for about a week, but keep an eye on it.
10) When the crystal reaches the size you want, take it out of the solution.
11) Congratulations! You've made a fragile, faceted, clear crystal.

Just remember, the crystal is very very fragile. If it falls on the floor it will break, maybe even shatter.

Flags: Very Long (1+ days), Solo, Children, Teens, Adults, Seniors, Indoors, At Home, Morning, Day, Night, Sunny, Snowy, Rainy
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