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Hacky Sack

A game played with the feet and a small beanbag

A hacky sack is a small bean-bag generally filled with small, loosely packed beans. The goal it to keep the hacky sack (sometimes called a hack) in the air for as long as possible without using ones hands. In some forms none of the arm is allowed to touch the hack. This can be played with a friend, a group, or by yourself.
One version of hacky sack is that if someone missed the hack when it comes at them, then they are out. Everyone else keeps playing, people getting out now and then, until there is one person left, considered the winner of that round. Another version of hacky sack, for the more experienced players, is Battle Hack.
In this version afer the hack has been kept in the air for at least three hits (that can be changed), the next hacker can attempt to slam the hack at someone using their feet. If it hits them then the are considered out, and considered so until one winner has been determined.

Flags: Very Short (0-60 mins), Solo, With a Friend, With a Group, Children, Teens, Outdoors, Morning, Day, Sunny
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