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Art Museum

A visit to the art museum provides a close-up look at a variety of pieces from talented individuals.

An art museum showcases the work of many types of artists. Generally, a museum displays many types of art which may include paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, and more. Guests can peacefully stroll for sometimes hours through museums enjoying the exhibits. A visit to the local musuem has been credited at times for inspiring some guests to discover the artist within themselves.

Most museums choose to display artwork in groupings called galleries or exhibits. Usually a wide variety of styles and types of art are displayed in one museum. The museum gift shop can offer guests with the chance to take home art posters, prints, and more to display in their own home.

Some museums host exhibits that travel from museum to museum. The visiting collections often feature a specific artist, type of art, or time period. Generally, there exhibits are featured a few months before moving on to the next museum.

Art galleries also host special events in their communities. Museums have been the setting for art lessons, fund-raising galas, art premiers featuring local talents, and more. Supporters of the arts are normally referred to as patrons, and many museums offer special benefits to their patrons.

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