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Sticker collecting

Sticker collecting if real fun. You can even trade with friends.

Sticker collecting is great! When I was young, my friends and I always traded stickers! All you need is a small packet or album to keeo stickers from peeling off. A ziploc baggie would be fine, too. you can get stickers almost everywhere. My favorite part is to get sticker all the way across the ocean for maybe only $1.00! As much fun as that sounds, stickers are also great ways to show feelings by the ones that have words on them. they are very cute and funny. When you get more and more stickers, you might want to create your own, so there's already a machine called "Creation Station: Sticker mania". And it is made for all ages, if you are not too emberassed or anything!

Stickers were first just made from paper and tape. Now, such a famous thing has been turned around. Beleive or not, 93% of people in the southern region of the US like sticker collecting. When you go shopping, you may find real astonishing and funny stickers! You can get real creative with stickers. Me, as a hobby, I make my own stickers. But, they don't really get sold. I just give them for free at fairs, carnivals, and hospitals. Stickers cheer everyone!

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