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First you will need the actual Clue game. You could use any version if you don't have the original, but the original game is preferred.
Have everyone choose a character. If there is a dispute about who should be who then have people draw character cards instead.
Mix up the character cards and have each person choose one. Don't hold onto the cards put place them back into the deck for the next person to choose. The character that you have picked is now your target, and the one you want to kill. It is alright if people have the same target, it just matters who gets to them first.
Next is to choose a weapon. Everyone gets one weapon that they draw from the weapons deck. No two characters should have the same weapon since their are enough to go around.
Now it's time to place the characters. Each person will choose a room and place their piece in that room. After drawing the card return it to the deck.
Now for the back story. On the first turn no one is allowed to kill anyone. The first turn is only there to explain why your character is in that room. Such as:
Professor Plum was conducting an experiment in the library with his wrench. He wanted to see if he could efficiently pull books off shelves.
Your introduction story can be as long or as short as you want it. It can be funny, creepy, or as horrific as you want it to be.
As the second turn comes around, each player can decide to stay in their starting room or draw another room card. By choosing a room card, the player has to explain why they are leaving and why they are in the new room. The character is also allowed to pick up objects from the room they just left, like food, kitchen utensils, or books.
Would you like to make an alliance? Players may choose to make an alliance with characters that are in the same room as their character. When an alliance is made, the characters move around together no matter what. The upside to this, is that your character is able to move to two rooms each turn. Since it is you and another character who are moving from room to room.
How to kill your target. Now if you are in the room with your target you have the option of attacking and potentially killing your target. Here, you describe, in as much detail as you want, how you are killing your target. Taking up the dice, the attacker and the attacked roll one each. If the attacker rolls higher than the attacked, the attacked is dead. However, if the dice are equal or the attacked rolls higher than the attacked gets to live for another turn.
Once you have killed off your target everyone becomes free game. Afterall, the object of the game is to be the last one standing.

Flags: Very Short (0-60 mins), Short (1-3 hours), With a Group
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