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Dodge the ball in this fast paced game!


posted 5752 days ago

We played medicball in elimentary school, because it worked well with smaller kids. Now in middle school we play a variation that you don't have.

Two teams are set up on opposite ends of the field (basketball court). The out of bounds lines are 3/4's the way down each side of the court, this creates an area in the middle of the court that is open to any player to be in. This allows a player on another team to circle an opponent and hit them in the back. When you get out, you go out of bounds and wait for whoever got you out to get out before going back in.

Another type we play is free-for-all. In this game, there are two balls. When you have a ball, you can only move once, by either (trying) to dribble the ball, or by throwing the ball in the air/rolling it and going to were it lands/stops. Doing this allows another player to pick it up. Players with the ball cannot hit each other. Once again, you wait for whoever got you out before you go back in. It is very fast, and if you have good players out, it is very fun.

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