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Xbox 360

A total entertainment package.


posted 5282 days ago

Heres are my reviews:

Kameo 4.5/5 stars (Rated E)

I didn't really expect much of the game because it had pretty kiddish graphics, but t.he game was a very good game. I actually started to enjoy the graphics because they went so well with a good plot and awesome gameplay. It really reminded me of the Zelda series. The challenges were always suiting to your experience, unlike many game in which the challenges a too hard, then too easy. The range went well.

The transformation magic was a cool addition you really don't see in many games. Normally in main chracter games you have you person, you have their abilities and that it. But the transmation magic that you got along the way kept you interested all along the way. The obstacles re set up so you have a challenge to get somewhere or to do something because you have to use techniques that need multiple characters. For exaple, the Major Chilla Jump, you need major ruin to go up the ramp to launch you, and the in the air you need to switch to chilla to latch onto an ice wall.

King Kong 3/5 stars (Rated T)

This game is a definite rent. I'm glad I rented and didn't buy because the game was incredible, but also incredibly short. I finished it in one weekend, so it gives you only about 12 hours of gameplay. The game itself wa sincredible, next-gen graphics, awesome fighting, but the shortness factor changed it from a five to a three. Still, I would suggest you rent this incredible game from blockbuster or wherever you want to.

Quake 4 5/5 stars (Rated M)

This game is what I'm talking about. Great storyline which goes with awesome realistic graphics, awesome fighting, a awesomeness. If I had a recommended buy to anyone, this would be the game.The storyline is very good,a bit excessively violent at some points, but it only adds to the game effect. Like when the strogg smashes the guy face into a window to break it...that was awesome. I played this game at pitch black hours, so the freaky factor was high. I loved it. The goriness, the fighting, the storyline. There should be a rating better than 5/5, because this deserves it. Incredible.

Dead or Alive 4 3.5/5 stars (Rated M)

The graphics of this game look incredible. This fighting game aloows for great gameplay with about 100 moves for the many charcters, great online play and much more. They have a multitude of characters with a multitude of styles. The game always keep you alert with tradditonal yet new gameplay. If your into fighting games, this is a good buy.

The only thing lacking in this game seems to be a few glitches, such as while the enemy is falling own, throws do not catch them, even if you get a clear grip. They have a few more glitches like such, which is why this game isn't a better score.I hope they fix this in an upcoming patch, in which case this game will get a big point boost.

Titles to look forward to on the Xbox 360...

Oblivion (2006)
Halo 3 (2007)
Elveon (2008)


posted 5259 days ago

Call of Duty 2 (5/5)

This game knocks Quake 4 down a notch. The game is clear cut, the game has great graphics and gameplay, and the game is so real its almost freaky.

Call of Duty is the best shooter I've ever played, in my life.

Take out the fascists!

Anyways,. Oblivion comes out in the next few days, I'll give my review soon.


posted 5250 days ago

Oblivion (17.8/5)

It deserves that rating. Buy it. Play it. Now.

This game is the pinnacle of brilliance! I have been a fan of the elder scrolls series since I tried Bloodmoon at a friends house years back. I couldn't believe my eyes when I heard they were making a fourth. Right away I put my preorder in.

I was right to do so. It was incredible. The graphics made me want to lick the screen the first time saw them. I expected good graphics, but this was just Whachamalleeeeeeeeee babble curse good. Don't ask. I couldn't believe how amazed it was in the first few moments.

Character creation was a blast. You control everything, from eyes to ears to lips to nose to race to colour to plump to thin. My first chracter was a wood elf, and as soon as I wa done my creation, radiant AI started to kick in. As the guy in the next ceels started to insult me for not being frollicing in the woods with my wood elf buddies. That dirty get the picture. Anyways, the game started, and the planned actions started to happen.

I won't ruin the start of the storyline for those who haven't seen the trailers and such yet, though why would you be reading this before watching the trailers...meh.

Anyways, continuing on. The gameplay. As walked out of the cave, finishing my tutorial (which I actually fionished hours later, thanks to a technicality where I missed the alchemy part by pressing a before i read the what to do thing) I continued to head towards the imperial city, getting my first dose of real live combat.(They had Turtorial combat, but it was too easy.) Bandit attack! It was quite entertaining, and was my first real test of skill.

Anyways, I made my way to the Imperial City, only to do something stupid, and have my first wonderul thing to do be going to jail. Woohoo. Purple Moose. Don't ask.

Now, I expect if you made it this far, you must be completly obsessed with the game or suicidal. Hopefully not both you freaking nerd. Either or would suggest that telling you a bit of the storyline that's happened to me wouldn't hurt much at all.

The radiant AI they've shown so much of occured again. As I walked out of prison, I was contacted by the thieves guild to join, but I had to talk to someone (I won't ruin the storyline that much, you little leech feeding...I'll just continue). Anyways, they make everything entertaining, whats in most games is:

"Can I sign up"


"Yay, I a novice Dungeons and Dragons Nerd herder! woohoo"

(If you have played said game, your going to heck)

("I'm not going to heck Butters!")

Anyways, they made it a cool contest questy thing! (Shut up, I've typed too much today.)

The music always keeps me entertained, it always suits the situation, it even has redone cool pirate music on the pirate ship! Bethesda has always done well with music but this time they've outdate themselves.

Because of this game, I'll be happy until the day I die.


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posted 5248 days ago

x boxes are gay, Chuck Norris, what is your real name?


posted 5181 days ago

cant forget assassins creed (yes... it is coming out for the 360!) i give the video a 15 out of 10


posted 5038 days ago

I have an Xbox not a 360 but my freind does and its awsome i mostly play Call of duty 2 Moto GP and NCAA Football 2007 Also ESPN's 2K6 Baseball.


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posted 4837 days ago

I can't wait for Halo 3,the darkness, call of duty 4:modern warfare, and splinter cell conviction


posted 4760 days ago

its ok

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