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Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting is the hobby of saving and preserving postage stamps from countries across the world.

Stamp collecting is a hobby of people from all over the world. It is the opportunity for each of us to get a glimpse of a small piece of history in each stamp. Stamps vary in size, shape, style, and design throughout the world. This hobby is a great learning tool for people of all ages. Each stamp embodies a special time in history and much can be learned about the people of that time period from each stamp. In the future, look at stamps as windows into the past and into different places and cultures for you to explore.

New collectors often join the hobby after inheriting the stamp collection of an older family member. Often, it is an unusual or special satmp that spark an interest in the very young. Collecting can become quite an incredible treasure hunt for the rare and special postage stamps. Each piece of mail can contain and unusual and colorful stamp from another part of the world.

Many veteran collectors pusue stamp collecting for the financial benefit. One stamp can be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars each. For example, a stamp that is mistakenly printed upside down or off-center can become an instant treasure. A page of this same stamp might be rare indeed.

Stamp collecting is a very versatile hobby. Each person can customize the hobby for their own personal goals. Unlike some collections, you stamp collection will never lose their value or become worthless. Each stamp will hold it's value with a large possibility of appreciating in worth. A small page of stamps today could be worth a small fortune in the future.

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