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Spin the Bottle

When the bottle stops spinning, the person who the bottle is pointing to must perform a task.

Spin the bottle isn't a game in the traditional sense of having winners and losers. It's primarily used as a way for players to escape boredom or really add life to a party. The game can be played with versions appropriate for all age levels.

Spin the bottle is a party game with a large variety of ways the game is played. In all versions of the game, several players sit in a circle, and the game begins by one player spinning the bottle. Whomever the bottle points to then must perform a task or answer a question.

This game may be played by even the youngest of players. In the elementary version, the questions and tasks usually focus on educational tasks and questions. Activities that lend themselves well to the game are when teaching letters, words, addition, subtraction, and more. Another fun use of the game with children is teaching them to pick-up their toys.

In older players, such as teenegers, spin the bottle may also be played as a question answer game as in the game truth or dare. In that variation, the spinner gets to ask the person whom the bottle points to a personal or other question which must be answered truthfully. If the answerer does not wish to answer the question, then they must agree to perform a penalty task or dare.

Spin the bottle can be a fun way to study or quiz for a test with a study group. When used for this purpose, the questions asked are test related. Penalties given for wrong answers are usually ones that will help that player learn or memorize the concept or fact in question.

Yet another version of the game makes the spinner announce a given task or dare before the spin. The person the bottle ends up pointing to must perform the dare afterwards. This might of course be the spinner him-/herself, which naturally tends to keep the dares more reasonable.

Finally, in one popular form of the game, whomever the bottle points to, the spinner must kiss. The kissee becomes the next spinner. The spinner gets to spin again if the bottle points to a player of the non-preferred gender.

This game does have a questionable history with some of its versions. Spin the bottle can be played in a very family-oriented and fun manner when players choose to. How the game is played is solely up to the players.

Source: Wikipedia

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