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Push a disk down the track and earn points

Shuffleboard is a game where players push a small disk in a narrow elongated play area with the purpose of positioning it within a marked area.

Shuffleboard is traditionally played on one of two scales; Deck Shuffleboard and Table Shuffleboard. In Deck Shuffleboard, the players use sticks to push disks along a smooth surface (e.g. the deck of a ship), placing the disk within a numbered triangle for point value.

In Table Shuffleboard, the play area is most commonly a wooden or laminated surface covered with glass 'sand' (to reduce friction)The length most used in the USA is a 22' board. The players use metal pucks/weights and place them within zones at the other end.

As in curling and bowls, the player only controls the puck for a short time, pushing it towards the far end. The skill lies in judging the distance and speed correctly and carefully positioning the puck down the long board.

A popular variant of table shuffleboard is bankboard (usually called shuffleboard by its players), in which the player must bounce the puck off one of the rubber bumpers on each side of the board. Bankboard tables are much shorter than regular tables (12' or 13') and so can be useful in maximizing revenue per square foot.

Shuffleboard can be played either one-on-one or by two teams of two. After all pucks have been played on one 'end', only the winning puck or group of pucks scores (according to the points marked on the board). Play then continues in the opposite direction. The winner is the first to a set number of points (e.g. 15).

A deck shuffleboard court is 39 feet long by 6 feet wide. Another 6 feet of space is provided at each end of the play area which is where the players stand.

Source: Wikipedia

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