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The art or hobby of making blankets by sewing together differnt fabrics in various designs.

Quilting is a method of sewing or tying two layers of cloth with a layer of insulating batting in between. A bed covering or similar large rectangular piece of quilting work is called a quilt. A quilt does not have to be rectangular, however. Many quilts hang on the wall as art quilts and are all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Quilts can include anything from a simple bed covering to a very elaborate designed work of art. The most basic form of quilting is a simple geometric grid sewn either by hand or today by machine.
Quilting can also be used as a form of elaborate decoration, where the stitchery creates complex designs and patterns, with or without the use of colour. Designs in the original fabrics can be put together to form new patterns.

The process of making a quilt involves three steps: piecing, layering, and binding. Piecing is the process of sewing of the quilt top. Normally, small pieces of fabric are cut from patterns and sewn together to make a pattern. Layering places the quilt's backing, batting, and top in place. The main function of quilting is to hold the three layers together. Binding completes the quilt by finishing the edges with a trim of fabric.

While a majority of quilt tops are pieced, many are made from a single piece of fabric. Using the latter enhances the intricacy of detailed quilting. Quilting is very often combined with embroidery, patchwork, applique and other forms of needlework to create patchwork quilts.

Quilting requires the use of mathematical, geometric, spatial, artistic and manual skills. To create a good quality quilt requires planning and diligence. The quilter need be able to visualize their completed quilt as they work. Often, quilts are often made to commemorate events (e.g. weddings and births) and can incorporate pieces of fabric from used or worn-out clothing. Such quilts become historical documents for the quiltmaker and his or her loved ones. Careful measurements and planning will help ensure that the quilter can be proud of their quilt when finished.

Quilting is often a social activity as well. Quilters often gather together to either work together on one quilt or to socialize while each works on their own quilts. Making a quilt together has often resulted in fellow quilters forming firm freindships as the result of their cooperative work together.

Source: Wikipedia

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