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Read a Book


posted 5593 days ago

I love reading, some of my all time favourites are:

Harry Potter (all of them)
Artemis Fowl
Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons and other by Dan Brown


posted 5592 days ago

I enjoyed reading the Harry Potter books.


posted 5592 days ago

I have enjoyed the Harry Potter books, but I still like Dean Knootz, Mercedes Lackley, R. A. Salvador, Terry Brooks. Just to name a few.


posted 5588 days ago

I love reading and find it a very relaxing and educational activity. I discovered the joy of reading at a very young age.

Some of my more often read authors are George McDonald, Catherine Marshall, Michael Phillips, Judith Pella, and Gilbert Morris.


posted 5586 days ago

I used to read alot, did it for straight entertainment at home, now, I have a life, and only read when I really feel like it.

That said, I still like to read often.

My favorite book of all time is "The Catcher in the Rye", by J.D. Salinger


posted 5578 days ago

Books are awesome! My favorite is Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. (Kinda apperent now)

I love that whole series and the Inheritence series by Christopher Paolini


posted 5569 days ago

I agree with almost everyone here about good books. The people I didn't agree with is because I haven't read them yet. I also love The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy


posted 5530 days ago

K, I've read a new, good book, The Mark of The Assasin by Daniel Silva


posted 5448 days ago

Right now I'm reading "Left Behind". It's alright.


posted 5433 days ago

I have read all of Harry Potter books as well as most stories by Agatha Christie and all Sherlock Holmes stories.
I have also read some Charles Dickens and Jane Austen and Dan Brown. But my favourite remains Agatha Christie


posted 5416 days ago

im sorry but i could only give it a 3. It was a good yet common idea, sounds like what my mom tells me. My favorites are the Series of Unfortunate events!


posted 5353 days ago

I like reading all sorts of books.


posted 5348 days ago

I love books like The series of unfortunate events and All! narnia books theres a bunch of others that i have read just dont remember what they were.


posted 5348 days ago

And i like magazines and The Bible.


posted 5327 days ago

yah The Bible of coarse and the narnia books are awesome too i just can't always find time to do enjoyment reading with all the reading for school.


posted 5319 days ago

Books (Narnia, Bible, Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, car manuals, encyclopedias, nursing textbooks, cereal boxes, Dr. Suess, parenting, road signs, Christian fiction, best sellers, Little House, ...for Dummies, . . .), Magazines (nearly all genres), and, of course, the Internet!

Reading is my life!


posted 5292 days ago

Doesn't feel right. I'll give 1 for this.


posted 5271 days ago

i love reading. it is so coll my farviote book is


posted 5255 days ago

I'm not surprised reading is the number one activity. It's the most fun anyone can have by themselves! I love reading, it's awesome.


posted 5156 days ago

my favorite author is Laura Ingalls Wwilder! even if im not reading books by her, i love to read them about her. my other favorites are the seven towers series. i basically like all fantasy and hopefully i will be able to write one someday.


posted 5100 days ago

Guys, i fixed the braingle account, please alert jake and may i have the phishing url?


posted 5069 days ago

I like the Harry Potter series.


posted 5053 days ago

J.R.R. Tolkein's lord of the rings.
I'm in the middle of The Two Towers right now.
It is soo good. I recomend Tolkein to anyone who needs an adventure.


posted 5047 days ago

i enjoy autobiographies and biographies, espicially of older women. i feel they can tell me alot about life by their written experiences.


posted 4828 days ago

i love reading and i own myown personal libary! the twilight series i LOVE!!!


posted 4762 days ago

I have so many books and not enough bookshelves (and no more wall space to put bookshelves! I read a lot, but my favorite activity is to read book catalogs and shop in bookstores. I'm afraid I buy books faster than I have time to read them. Anyone else have that problem? What do you do about it?


posted 4744 days ago

Harry Potter books and the Twilight series


posted 4632 days ago

i'll try that

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