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Get rid of all your cards and move up the ranks

President (also known as Poison, Capitalism, The Great Dalmuti, Janitor, Warlords and Scumbags, Scum, Bum The President, Slave (Slob) or Revolution) is a card game for 3 or more in which players race to get rid of all their cards. The game is popular with people of all ages, from children to adults. It is often played as a raucous and irreverent drinking game.


The game is usually played with a single deck of playing cards, although with more than five players two decks can be used. Suit does not generally matter, but cards hold their usual hierarchical ranks — except that, traditionally, Twos rank above Aces, which themselves rank above Kings, leaving Threes as the lowest cards (some variants use a joker as the highest card). The high card is often called a nuke.

Each player privately views the cards he has been dealt. The goal is to discard every card as quickly as possible. Gameplay proceeds clockwise, with each player laying down one or more cards that beat the cards that the previous player laid down. Cards are played face up for all to see. Players are not required to play cards with a consecutive rank; for instance, a player is under no obligation to follow a play of a Four with a Five — he/she may skip to Six, or to a Queen, or may pass altogether, even if able to play.

Depending on the variant, there are often special rules regarding the Twos. In some variants, a single Two can beat any pair (as well as any single card), while a pair of Twos can beat any triple, and so forth. Some variants consider a single Two powerful enough to beat even four Aces (although, if horizontal moves, as described below, are permitted, a pair of Twos can beat a single Two). Variations that use the "Two Clears" rule (below) treat the Two as a special card (instead of the Joker) which is used to end a round of play.


Under all rules, a single Two beats a single Ten
Under all rules, a pair of Aces beat a pair of Jacks

Player titles

The first player to run out of cards is awarded a title, such as "President" or "King." The last player to run out of cards is called the "Scum." With five or more players the hierarchy is rounded out by a "Vice-President" or "Queen", and a "2nd Scum" (note that 2nd Scum is a higher rank than Scum). With more than four players the middle-ranks are often called "neutral". When played as a drinking game, the President is often given broad powers (see the section on Presidential powers, below).


Each hand begins with the shuffled deck of cards being dealt out evenly to each of the players (in each hand but the first, the Scum should shuffle and deal). The dealer deals cards to the players until the deck is exhausted. This often leaves some players with more cards than others. While in some games this is just considered the luck of the draw, other rules might require that extra cards be dealt to the lowest-ranking players or discarded altogether. Some variations deal each player a fixed number of cards, such as seven, but more often the number of players determines the number of cards dealt. After the deal, in any hand except the first, there might be a settlement of cards depending on the players' order of finish in the last hand. The President exchanges a set number of cards (2) with the Scum. The Scum must give the President his highest (most valuable) cards (pairing need not be considered); the President, on the other hand, may give the Scum any cards he wants to give. Other exchanges also take place between the Vice-President and Vice-Scum depending on the variant and the number of players. In some variants, players do not exchange cards at all or exchange cards in a cooperative manner similar to 'Go Fish', which allows either one side or both sides to request particular cards for exchange.


In the first hand, the person with the lowest card (usually the 3 of clubs) leads. In subsequent hands, the 3 of clubs may again start, or the Scum (or in some variants the President) leads, or the player to the left of the dealer leads. Play then proceeds in a clockwise manner, with each player required to play a higher card or card combination than the last. A player may elect not to play, even if he is able to (in drinking game rules, this would cost that player a drink). Each hand consists of many rounds, with the played cards being cleared from the table after each round. The player who ends a round gets to start next round by laying down any card or pair combo.

There are a few ways to end a round, depending on the variation being played. In any variation of the game, when a player lays down cards that no other player at the table can (or chooses to) beat, the round ends and the cards are cleared. In some versions, a single joker can be played to end a round, and the player who dealt the joker may then lay down any card to start the next round. In the "2 Clears" variant, the 2 is used as the round-ending card instead of the joker.

The first player to get rid of all of his cards becomes the President for the next hand. Play continues until only one player is left with cards in his hand; that player becomes the Scum for the next hand.


If point scoring is used, players are usually awarded points at the end of each hand based upon how they finished (with the Scum receiving the least number of points). Often the game is played without scoring, but rather with players required to drink from an alcoholic beverage during or after each hand. Players who do poorly, such as the Scum, generally have to drink more. Some variants keep the drinks flowing by requiring players to take a drink any time they must pass because they cannot (or choose not to) beat the last hand layed down on the table (since the Scum has likely been forced to pass a lot, and is in the hand until the very end, he will have likely taken more drinks than any other player). Other variants may prescribe drinks at the end of each round, based on the rank each player achieved (with the Scum drinking the most).

Source: Wikipedia

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